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In Loving Memory of Pearl 

On August 3, 2020, Pearl, aged 29, was tragically shot and killed by her fiancé in their home, leaving behind her two young children. Her daughter, who witnessed the incident at the age of three, is now seven and has been receiving intensive counseling. Pearl's son, who was only 8 months old at the time, will never experience the love of his devoted mother. Currently, both children are under the care of a relative.

In memory of Pearl and to provide financial support for her children, My Girl Pearl was established. Each product is crafted with care, incorporating a pearl to honor her beauty. Pearl, a vibrant individual who touched the lives of many, is dearly missed.

Pearl is one of many women who have suffered from Gender-Based Violence (GBV). Let us stand together to combat violence against women!

Following Pearl's murder, her fiancé, Musa Ntsibande, was arrested at the scene. He was granted R10,000 bail, and the case was taken to the Johannesburg High Court. After a lengthy legal battle and Musa being out on bail for 3 years he was finally convicted of Murder in September 2023. He was sentenced to a mere 12 years in prison in April 2024 for taking Pearl's life.

Your support for Pearl's children, who have endured immense pain and the absence of a mother's love, is greatly appreciated. We hope that your purchase brings happiness to your life. All proceeds from our products contribute to the well-being and future of Pearl's children.

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